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>> do you need me to pad it up a little more? >> we are good. >> remi, a pleasure. mary walters, fantastic,od see you later, i guess. ystem has failed. and he wants it fixed. following the attempt to blow up an american jet. the specifics and the fall-out coming up. we'll look at what went wrong. the changing administration rhetoric. and how a radical cleric fits in. our healthcare reform series continues with a look at what mandated coverage will cost you. and what happened to the president's promise of transparency? and u.s. efforts to put the economic squeeze on iran are dealt a may a juhljor set-back. all this plus the fox all-stars right here, right now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. not good enough. that's the message the
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national security community got today from president obama. following what he referred to as a screw-up. allowing a man to try to blow up an american airliner on christmas day. senior white house correspondent major garrett reports on the president getting tough with his team. >> reporter: president obama delivered a harsh grade and gave agencies on the front line battling terror stern new instructions. >> time and again we learned quickly piecing together information and taking swift action is critical to saying one step ahead of nimble adversary so we have to do better. and we will do better. we have to do it quickly. american lives are on the line. >> reporter: mr. obama met for two hours with the anti-terror team and though he promised accountability, no heads rolled. he said the problem wasn't the information on bombing suspect umar farouk abdulmutallab but acting on it. >> it's increasingly clear that intelligence was not fully analyzed or fully leveraged. that is not acceptable.
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i will not tolerate it. >> the president was told intelligence system broke down and existing intelligence procedures need to be changed. >> systemic and human failure here. the processes were followed in some instances and some were not. >> reporter: the white house says they learned plen thety since abdulmutallab's arrest. >> abdulmutallab spent a number of hours with the f.b.i. investigators. >> reporter: the white house reversed course on whether to send him home in the midst of hot water against growing insurgency. >> while we are committed to close the facility, the determination has been made that right now any transfer to yemen is not a good idea. >> reporter: here is what the president counterterrorism chief said about transferring yemeni nationals on "fox news sunday." >> you are going to consider on case-by-case basis any
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yemenis back to yemen? >> absolutely. we'll look at it and work closely with the yemen government. >> reporter: even though the transfers are now on hold, the president said his move to close guantanamo is not. >> make no mistake, we will close guantanamo prison, which damaged our national security interest and become tremendous recruiting tool for al-qaeda. >> reporter: also today the u.s. reopened the embassy closed since sunday in the yemen capital. credible al-qaeda threat and concerns over the commitment to battle al-qaeda provoked the brief closure. the white house not only wanted to show what it looked like in a situation room but wanted to give a flavor for the president demeanor and took the unusual roll of releasing a lengthy quote from the president. "this was a screw-up that the president said could have been dissastous and we dodged a bullet but barely.
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>> the senior officials say in the meeting there was no finger-pointing and the agencies responsible for the systemic failure took responsibility. bret? >> bret: major garrett live on the north lawn. thank you there. were a couple of -- there were a couple of scares today at the airports. minneapolis/st. paul airport was closed for an hour after a police dog detected a suspicious bag on the luggage carousel that was cleared eventually. and meadows field in bakersfield, california, shut down when bottled inside a checked bag tested positives for explosives. it turned out to be bottles filled with honey. we have more tonight on the apparent connection between the would-be christmas bomber and extremist muslim already linked to a successful attack on u.s. soil. national correspondent catherine herridge is here to connect the dots. >> reporter: fox news obtained a radical cleric blog posting from october 7. in the posting, american anwar al-awlaki appears to hint attack is in the pipeline. the simple answer is that america cannot and will not
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win, he writes. the tables have turned and there is no rolling back of the worldwide jihad movement. when the new front of jihad starts in yemen, it might become the single most important front of jihad in the world. al-awlaki is linked to the fort hood shooting in november which killed 13. he testifies spiritual advisor to the alleged shooter hasan. and al-awlaki's blog was being monitored by the u.s. intelligence community. thus, abdulmutallab's father went to the u.s. embassy in nigeria after a phone call from his son where sources say the 23-year-old claimed it would be their last conversation. the father met with the c.i.a. officer and that meeting was the basis of a state department cable also obtained by fox. information at post suggests subject may be involved with the extremist. abdulmutallab traveled previously to u.k., lome togo and dubai, uae. in august long before boarding flight 253, there were telephone intercepts that spoke of a plot involving the "nigerian" but
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it was not more specific. we now know that abdulmutallab spent four months in yemen and sources say he was train and got the bomb there. current and former intelligence officials say one of the central questions is whether the national counterterrorism center, nctc, created after 9/11 to specifically connect the dots is effective. critics say the white house counterterrorism advisor john brennan has potential conflict in the review because the ntct was his baby. bret? >> bret: thank you. checking other world headlines now. group of u.s. senators met with iraqi prime minister ma nouri al-maliki today in baghdad. john mccain said he believed the decision to throw out charge against the security guards accused of killing 17 iraqis would be appealed. the senators also said the u.s. needs to give greater anti-terrorism support to yemen. iran says it does not welcome a potential visit from the senate foreign relations committee chairman john kerry. iranian officials say the u.s. needs to change its policies before talks with
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the massachusetts democrat would be successful, or useful. meanwhile, the u.s. push for new penalties against iran took a major hit today. correspondent mike tobin explains. >> reporter: a setback to the international effort to unify a front against iran nuclear ambition. china broke ranks today and announced it was not ready to support sanctions against iran. china's u.n. embass dor said the sanctions should wait. the white house told fox news the push for fourth round of sanctions would begin this month. china is now at odds with the u.s. and much of the international community. >> we want to keep the door to dialogue open but we have also made it clear we can't continue to wait and we cannot continue to stand by when the iranians themselves talk about increasing their production of high enriched uranium. >> reporter: israel in particular is pushing hard for rapid move to sanction.
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noting that domestic opposition shaking the islamic regime in iran. >> it's vulnerable politically because of the pressures and vulnerable technology because of the lowering of the price of oil and the terrible economic situation there. now is the time for the international community to act. >> reporter: one analyst believes the sanctions will not be effective if iran is close to the bomb. that sanctions will only work if the bomb is far off. >> there is something like five years away, i think the tough sanctions against the revolutionary guard could force them to review their decision. >> reporter: china is veto-wielding member of the u.n. security council which could significantly increase the difficulty of imposing another round of sanction. this position, however, is risky for china as well. they're going rogue in international politics without even russia in their corner this time. in jerusalem, mike tobin, fox news. >> bret: the u.s. military intelligence chief in afghanistan is criticizing the work of american spy agencies there.
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major general michael flynn says field agents are not providing analysts and commanders with the information they need. meantime, afghan president hamid karzai is expected to present a new list of cabinet nominees to parliament saturday. lawmakers last week rejected most of karzai's picks. and the family of the jordanian doctor who killed eight people on a c.i.a. base in afghanistan last week says he wanted to die in a holy war. abulawi had been recruited by jordanian intelligence to help the u.s. effort against al-qaeda. we have another account of stimulus money going to places that don't exist. and up next, what about the promises of transparency in healthcare reform talks?
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. north dakota democratic senator byron dorgin says he will not run for re-election. he says he has other interests and other things to
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pursue outside of public life. he was first elected to the senate in 1992. he said on his website in a statement moments ago "over this holiday season, i have come to the conclusion with the support of my family i will not be seeking another term to the u.s. senate in 2010. it's a hard decision to make after 30 years in the congress, but i believe it's the right time for me to pursue the other interests." again, byron dorgan not seeking re-election this year. a few minutes ago, president obama began a meeting with congressional leaders from both chambers to try to resolve differences in their respective healthcare reform bills. but you won't get to see anything from that session. and it's not likely you'll see much of anything from the meetings on capitol hill in coming days either. that's because they're all being held behind closed doors. correspondent shannon bream reports that's not what you were promised. >> reporter: president obama has vowed that transparency will be a touchstone of his administration. in the context of healthcare, he went so far as a candidate to commit to making sure that a bright light would shine on
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the capitol hill negotiations. >> not negotiating behind closed doors but bringing all parties together, and broadcasting those negotiations on c-span so that the american people can see what the choices are. >> we'll have the negotiations televised on c-span. the people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies, or the insurance companies. >> reporter: now c-span founder brian lam is asking the president and party leaders from both sides of the aisle to make good on those promises. in a letter lam says, "now that the process moves to the critical stage of reconciliation between the chamber, we respectfully request that you allow the public full access through television to legislation that will affect the lives of every single american." but that seems less likely than ever, given that democrats are reportedly going to by-pass the formal conference, something that would have allowed representatives from both parties to sit down and hash out the final legislation.
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informal negotiation will allow senate democrats to avoid three separate procedural hurd als that would have required 60 votes each. all this leaves republicans with very few options. >> i think it sends a message to the american people you will get nothing and like it. you're not allowed to watch what is going on in the proceedings. you're not allowed to participate in any form. you will see the bill at the last minute. it really infringes on the rights of americans to petition their government for grievances. >> reporter: when pressed today about the c-span letter, white house spokesman robert gibbs wouldn't address it specifically but said there has been plenty of transparency throughout the process. >> i do not believe the american people lacked for information on what is in the bills. >> reporter: that sentiment was echoed by nancy pelosi when she was asked about it this afternoon. she said there has never been a more open process and she hedged also on whether the democrat are ready to commit to skipping formal conference saying, "we will do what is
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necessary to get this bill passed." >> bret: it depends on what your definition of "open" is. >> sure. >> bret: shannon, thank you. tonight we continue jim angle's series healthcare count downtown, debating the differences. with a look at how the reaction of one particular group of americans could determine success or failure for the reform effort. >> reporter: those who are most likely to feel the cost of reform are young people, who for the first time ever will be required to buy insurance, whether they want it or not. >> the census bureau tells us there are 18 million people between the ages of 18 and 35 who are uninsured. roughly half of the uninsured are younger people in the age group. >> reporter: there will be fines for those not getting insurance, starting low in the senate bill, $95 a year in 2014, eventually rising to $750 and $250 a year depending on your income. in the house it's 2.5% of your income, up to the cost of the average national
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premium. >> the fines are relatively low. $750 for individual who doesn't sign up for health insurance. meanwhile, some of the cost of an individual coverage are family policy could be as high as $10,000 or $$14,000. >> reporter: it's critical for young healthy people to buy insurance, because if they don't, premiums for everyone else will go up. as a result of all the new requirements on insurance companies. >> no preexisting conditions, you can't lose your insurance because you are sick. you are not going to get a big hospital bill because you've had a catastrophic illness or injury. those would force insurance rates up. >> if you don't have a mandate that gets in to the young people that are cheaper, you will see the average premiums rise. no way around that. >> reporter: both houses passed two other reform created incentive not to buy insurance. first, you can buy it any time you want it. >> with guaranteed insurance you can literally buy it on n the ambulance on the way to the hospital.
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you can imagine a situation where you pay the fine, stay out of the insurance pool and at the moment when you need it, you go out and buy it. >> reporter: the other disincentive, both houses change how much insurance companies can charge older people relative to younger people. >> if you charge people a fair price, than 50 or 60-year-old should pay six times as much as a 20-year-old. in the senate bill, they are saying no it can only be 3 to 1 difference. house bill is 2 to 1 difference. >> that means the average premium for everyone will go up, in particular young people will bear disproportionate cost in the reform. >> that would put tremendous pressure on them and lead a lot of them to pay the fine, instead of enrolling in the insurance. >> reporter: the senate tries to make it easier offering an inexpensive bare bones plan, giving the young and healthy in the system is the keystone of the entire reform effort. because if they don't get insurance, everyone else and the nation as a whole will pay much, much more. bret? >> bret: fascinating series. part three tomorrow. jim, thanks. a new orleans man has been
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arrested after allegedly threatening to kill president obama. 47-year-old john termpoe will make his initial court appearance friday. the secret service agency says termpoe told a 9 911 dispatcher he was going to kill the president and the first lady. there is now video of the third uninvited guest to crash that white house state dinner last november. he's been identified as washington area party promoter carlos allen. the man is seen here walking up the north steps. later, also inside the white house. allen has denied that he attended the event. we will look at how the administration has changed positions regarding the christmas day attempted bombings of an american jet. up next, we'll go on the job hunt for what could be a new american gold rush. scccccc
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>> bret: tonight on the fox tonight on the job hunt, a pot of employment gold at the end of an expanding energy rainbow. james rosen explains. >> welcome to laid back pennsylvania unlikely especially center of a gold rush. chief oil and gas is drilling the fifth natural gas well, looking to tap into a rock formation that harbors huge reservoirs of untapped natural gas, they're combining drilling and fracturing, the pumping water, sand and chemicals a mile shake loose the gas and bring it top side to pop line. >> it will bring a lot of jobs. jobs, not just on this rig, you know, it requires a lot of services companies to perform operations that we do out
4:24 am
here. >> reporter: local hotels bounced back as 20 companies some known worldwide opened office space in this county last year. indeed, a penn state university study found shale will have created close to end of 2010. >> i think you will see an area whose unemployment rate dropped significantly over the next five or ten years. >> like all american gold rushes, shale is generating jobs and controversy. environmentalists claim it leads to severe contamination of water supply. these photographs of chesapeake rig are said to somehow contamination in the forest. they are looking into the claim and today they denounced tightening of regulations in new york. saying it would end the fraking boom in the empire work opposes no hazards. jan jarrett says they don't want to shut shale down, just make
4:25 am
sure this gold rush ends differently. >> this the first was a logging boom where they cut down practically every tree in pennsylvania. the second, king coal was developed. we have a legacy on the landscape of scars left by that activity. >> landowners willing to put up with work on their property have been signing leases up to $5,500 and 20% royalty fees on the extracted gas. but the shale boom goes beyond local jobs and water wells, energy analysts say it could provide the energy it could provide the energy needed in the country for the next 100 years and serve as a bridge to a low carbon sustainable future. >> nice helmet. they should put you to work. >> i am working. thanks. buyers for previously occupied homes declined by 16% from october to november. the first drop in ten months. orders to u.s. factories were up 1.1% in november.
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more than double what economists had predicted. stocks meanwhile were mixed today. the dow lost almost 12. the dow lost almost 2, the s&p gained 3 1/2. personal bankruptcy rose 32% last rear. the national bankruptcy research center says there were almost 1.5 million filings in 2009. the highest number since >> ford was the winner in december domestic auto sales, reporting a 33% last month alone but a 13% decline for the year. chrysler was down 4% for the month and 36% for the year. does keeping you safe when you fly justify taking away a child's harmless christmas present? we report, you decide. and the u.s. government encourages people from some very dangerous places to come places to come to america. fastr than ever before? well now you can, introducing the new...
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>> bret: fresh pickings with the grave vine. in the wake of the failed christmas day bombing yemen is center stage as the next front on the war on terror but the state department awarded 72 diversity visas to yemen. a program that according to the state department's website is still active and not altered after the bombing attempt.
4:31 am
in the last ten years more than 1,000 permanent resident diversity visas have been awarded to yemen nationals. the website describes the visas as a u.s. government effort to ofer visas to people from countries of low rates of immigration to the u.s. >> syria has been allocated 98dy veryticity advises, cuba, 298, iran, 2,773 and sudan, 1,084. flying with kids is tough enough but a st. louis family found out their flight home after christmas was a lot of work and no play do. a screenener new orleans confiscated 20 cans of clay like substance, play do.
4:32 am
mom was fine with handing over the play do cans until she looked up the rules. >> i tried to explain those were the rules but turns out it's not prohibited on the t.s.a. website so apparently those aren't the rules. >> bret: the t.s.a. confirms lay dough is no prohibited but since plastics explosives can look like the toy screeners ahs their discretion. >> fuzzy math then congressional districts that don't exit now stimulus money credited with saving jobs went to nonexistent zip codes a report shows $374,000 spent in 95052 and five in 87258 and 100 grand to zip code 86705 but none register with the postal service.
4:33 am
an albuquerque news station says the human error and transposed numbers. >> new york city taxpayers forked over $32,000 for a guide book for strucking hair heroin users how to safely prepare the drug including cartoons and devices like find the vain before you investigate. one drug enforcement official called it disturbing. the health department says they're helpful and necessary but a link to the pamphlet that worked monday is no longer available on the new york city website today. or top story, president obama has told i say national security team it must do better following the attempted bombing of a american airliner on christmas day. molly hannenburg looks at the evolution of the administration
4:34 am
statements regarding what the president calls an act of terrorism. >> president obama was blunt today, saying the christmas day bomb plot nearly worked z when a suspected terrorist is able to board a plane with explosives on christmas day, the system has failed in a potentially disastrous way. >> a change in tone from the obama administration. two days after the almost doomed christmas day plane landed in detroit, the president's team took time to get the message straight. >> i think that in many ways this system has worked. we just have to continue refining it and stay ahead of what terrorists are trying to do. >> one thing i like to point out is the system worked. every played and important role, the passengers and crew took appropriate action. >> within a day secretary napolitano clarified. >> no secretary of homeland security would say a system
4:35 am
worked prior to the incident. >> she said the administration wanted to know how the suspect got on the flight loaded with explosives. critics said administration needed to show urgency. >> we're 72 hours into this and the president has not spoken, the vice president, the attorney general and janet napolitano told two stories in two days. first it worked, now it didn't work. >> later the president addressed the failed plot, calling it an attempted terrorist attack but did not suggest tv part -- it was part much a larger terrorist picture. >> this incident like several others demonstrate a alert and courageous citizen is far more resilient. >> but abdulmutallab was not isolated. several days later, the president declared abdulmutallab had been on an al qaeda mission. >> it appears he joined an affiliate of al qaeda and this group, al qaeda in the arabian
4:36 am
peninsula, trained him, equipped him and directed him to attack that plane. >> the president's top counter advisor says there was no smoking gun revealing abdulmutallab's plan but the president told advisors today, we dodged a bullet but just barely. in washington, molly heninburg. >> cuba is protests enhanced screening for citizens flying to the u.s. its government summoned the top american diplomat to talk about the measures which were demanded. they affect cuba and 13 other nations deemed security risks. >> president obama takes another shot at trying to improve airline security but will it work? we will ask the fox all-stars when we come back.
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>> when a suspected terrorist is
4:40 am
able to board a plane with explosives on christmas day, the system has failed in a potentially disastrous way. it's my responsibility to find out why and correct the failure to prevent such attacks in the future. this incident like several others demonstrated an alert and cranes citizenry are more resilient. >> the president today, first time he talked about the incident to bring down an american airliner. umar farouk abdulmutallab, his father went to the embassy and said the man was radicalized and warned officials. here's what secretary clinton said about that just yesterday. >> based on what we know now, the state department fully complied with the requirements set forth in the inner agency process as to what should be done when a threat is -- or when
4:41 am
information about a potential threat is known. >> bret: focus on janet napolitano, the system worked, and robert gibbs saying the same. fred barnes, weekly standard. juan williams, national public radio, and charles crout haven. >> that statement by the secretary of state was pathetic. not me, somebody else, who cares if procedures were followed. if a father walks andn and says my son is with the al qaeda in yes, ma'am yemen. >> she says they're looking at whether they need to change the procedures. >> it's not about procedures, it's about people hearing evidence. this is what the president said today, it's about hearing stuff and not giving it the weight and
4:42 am
importance it obviously had at the time. we now know it could have killed a lot of people. the president was rather interesting today. for the first time he's spoken publicly about this, his third time, he showed a pulse. that's interpreted as anger because that's as much as he gets. the way he presented the failures indicates somebody has to go. and in the next few days, i would imagine somebody will resign. he talked about this is unacceptable and you use those harsh words, like accountable, you have to have a head roll. i commend him on two items, the stopping of the transfer of yemenis out of guantanamo. it's an important step. the second is what was instituted yesterday, this directive that people from 16
4:43 am
countries i think it is will get special screening, patdowns, et cetera, it's the beginning of a process of actually focusing on the terrorist and not on the weapon, the way the israelis do it is look for a terrorist, we look for tweezers. that's why the israelis haven't had a seizure since the 1960s: even the bush administration would not accept looking at the nature of the person and not looking for a weapon. >> bret: juan, there's been an evolution as we pointed to, from isolated extremists to a part of the plot in al qaeda and yemen and now today's firm language. what about the evolution by the administration and the president? >> the president said intelligence is not perfect. it comes to you in sometimes odd ways and the father coming in certainly was a surprise. that's not typical but it should have led to people piecing
4:44 am
together information that would have led to withdrawal of his visa to travel to the united states. that's where the failure occurred. you talk about the evolution, i think there's been a natural evolution as people come to understand. now that we see the puzzle completed, what was missed. that's what the president is upset about. he said we had the intelligence. he made it clear he thought all the pieces were on the table. but it was the case that these pieces were not put to get but the analysts. he didn't do it in a way to blame the c.i.a., he expressed regret over the loss of life in afghanistan. but the suggestion is that there has to be more accountability and the questions about the national center for terrorist activities, their job is to piece this to get. >> bret: the question i'm getting at is through the prism of if the bush administration said and done these things from the beginning and the evolution,
4:45 am
what would we see with this story today? >> i don't think there's any question the same evolution was taking place during the bush administration in terms of changing policies and having to react to the terrorists changing policies. are you suggesting there would be more political response? i think there is anyway. >> on that point -- on that point of president bush, i did a lot of reporting on this and yet president bush, within 24 hours, was the one person in his administration who said we're at war. this isn't just a normal situation. it's not -- it's not a law enforcement. we're at war. he recognized what it was. i thought this statement for about the first 85% was terrific. and president obama did not sugarcoat at all, as both charles and juan suggest. he said there was sufficient
4:46 am
information. they should have gotten to the bottom of this and it should have been stopped. he was tough then winds up with things that -- it was frustrating. well, it was fine that he said we're not going to send anymore yes, yemenis to yemen but we're doing it because it's an unsettled the situation. >> in yemen. does he have an idea who these people are? dedicated terrorist, 15 were bod guards for osama bin laden. others were grabbed when leader of al qaeda were grabbed in various places. maybe a handful much these, eight or ten or so you could release but most of them should never be released. when he talks about accountability, i hope he follows up. it's not enough to take responsibility. that means nothing. heads have to roll.
4:47 am
>> bret: will someone resign or get fired? >> they'll have to. >> president obama recognizing this. >> it will be a political blood letting, if you're asking does it mean something in terms of making us safer? no. >> let me say one more thing. the president says over and over again one of the great recruiting tools for al qaeda is the presence of guantanamo prison. i -- i just don't believe that's true at all. if he believes that, he does not understand the nature of islamicgy jihaddism. he keeps saying that and he's wrong. >> that's why he never uses the word jihadist. it means nothing, he doesn't recognize or at least articulate the nature of the enemy. if you don't, you can't
4:48 am
successfully counterattack. >> bret: what happened to the president's promise of transparency with healthcare reform negotiati
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
there has never been a more open process for any legislation in anyone who serves here's experience. >> i don't believe american people lack for information on what's in the bills. the political and policy arguments around different people's position, i think that's well documented. >> not negotiating behind closed doors but bringing all parties together and broadcasting the negotiations on c-span to the american people can see the choices. >> well, c-span is not allowed
4:52 am
into the negotiations as they're going on on capitol hill between the house and senate trying to merge the two healthcare reform bills. the c-span founder is asking the president and party leaders to open up and to make good on the promises you heard from candidate obama. manager talented guy, organizing for american, which is the successor for the obama campaign, he was raising money but was it to help the obama -- the obama agenda, which includes improving transparency so the public can be more involved in the let's active and political process in washington. look, obama has been hoisted on this. nancy pelosi, says the most open process, there were hearings, the bawks committee and other economies -- committee but it
4:53 am
hasn't been an open process, the republicans have been shut out and obama calls for transparency. i don't think anybody expects them to invite c-span in. what they're afraid of in the senate is the skill of mitch mcconnell. he once blocked for a number of years a campaign reform bill by filibustering the naming of legislators to be a part of a conference. >> which they threatened to do this time. juan, it appears democrats are trying to avoid as many of the 60 votes as they can. they'll have to have at least one. but that's what's going on. >> if they had a conference by the way, they'd have to open things up and cameras would be -- brian would be pleased but they're going to avoid that in order to keep things nontransparent. i think anybody who is a journalist or citizen would want
4:54 am
in. from the politicians perspective t does invite nitpicking. everyone would have their nose at the table and it might gum up the works. on the other hand i think at this point if you look at the record of the obama administration on transparency, national security doctrine, it's a sad record given what we just saw on that tape from candidate obama. >> it happens in close session for the same reason the senate bill was written in secret. because it's a stitching together of corrupt compromises. the louisiana purchase of -- the vote of the senator of louisiana, and the cornhusker compromise in which the senator of nebraska got an exemption, exclusive to his state, on future payments into medicaid. this is with a pattern. the obama administration promised not only it would be
4:55 am
open but it would be government grass roots government. it would not -- special interests would be driven out. well this bill is a stitching together of compromises and deals with hospitals, doctors, drug companies, manufacturers of all kinds. it is a special interest bill and that's why it's so incoherent. it's stuff you don't want to show in public what's going to happen in meetings that are going to be ugly and it makes sense if you're a democrat to hide it and not have any camera anywhere near there. >> every bill is a matter of compromise. every bill in america is a matter of compromise. >> a special award to some states, florida, for instance, if you're in the medicare advantage program it stays. any other state, you're gone. >> we're going to follow every element that we can. we're going to show it to you. that's it for this panel. stay tuned for a christmas day airlines bombe
4:56 am
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finally, here at fox, we've been covering every angle of the thwarted christmas day airline bomber's story and since the story broke, it's been all over the air waves on every network and local affiliate. and some of them had a few issues. actually so did the president today. the man has now been identified as 23-year-old umar farouk abdulmutallab. >> abdullah. >> abdul farouk -- >> be a dual moot. >> abdul madlad. >> abdul malab. >> umar farouk abdulmutallab. >> we'll let you decide on the buzzer. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this

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